Germany Sex Drops




Germany Sex is easy to use and works quickly. It’s a mild anesthetic, sprayed on to the penis 5 to 15 minutes before intercourse. Clinical trials have proven that it is quick-acting, safe and effective and you don’t need a prescription or medical consultation.

GERMANY SEX with Lidocaine is the world’s most successful delay spray for men. It comes in a discreet 3 inch high can, fitted with a metered pump spray which contains 7.16 fl.oz. giving approximately 120 sprays. There are no side effects if you use this product. Germany Sex Delay Spray is a licensed pharmaceutical and has been named safe and effective. It also conforms to FDA and international standard. It is non-toxic, odorless and ozone-friendly.

A current of the best delay spray, than people early oil spray better, because not numb, than a black widow meshach star. Because use more convenient

The German “Nightking  delay spray” for men, strengthening topical delay spray use before, prevent premature ejaculation, ensure acquired. Love best effect. This product is to prevent premature ejaculation products in the classic product, Germany original installation import “NIGHTKING” brand, no numbness.

Indian Long Time Sex Spray

This product features: and different is the product on the gush after no general spray spicy hot feeling, do not affect the glans pleasant sensation, can enjoy the queen huan.

Effect: this product in accordance with the lines of the traditional medical theory, combined with modern medical knowledge, adopt oxpatiation monomer extraction technology, enrichment and refined natural preparations, non-toxic, no side effects, no exciting, prevent premature ejaculation, prolong joy, adjust hpa system function, improve sexual function. High quality of life is husband and wife healthcare.

So this product to improve Ed weakness and rapid ejaculation have obvious effect.

So no dependence, do not affect sensations.

So has the fixing sperm kidney, sterilizing effect.

Usage and dosage: sexual shake well before the glans penis surface, wipe gush a few minutes is effective. When make the penis hard and heavy women, not a long battle diarrhoea, give female greatly satisfy, let you more confident. (can according to individual circumstance adjustment need weight and time)

Note: this product is for external use only. Do not spray into the eye in the nose